In March, we photographed the FTTH conference as event photographers. Organized by the Belgium-based FTTH Europe Council, the industry association for fibre optics, the conference brought together over 3000 participants from the industry in Berlin.

Over 3 days there were almost 100 workshops & panels at Hub27. 2 complete exhibition halls were filled with exhibitors from the industry on days 2 & 3. In addition, there were accompanying evening events for participants outside Messe Berlin on each of the first two days.

We were able to meet the increased requirements due to the size and density of this event by using 3 photographers and one person for the back office, so that we were also able to deliver up-to-date photos to the customer for direct playout via the social media channels.

Facts about the event here in detail

Subject: Conference photography, event photography, trade fair photography
Accompaniment length: 3 days / 36h / 3 photographers
Format: Conference
Location: Messe Berlin
Guests: 3000